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Enhanced Listings: $25.00 annually

example listing:
Listing Name Booths Buildings Category Description Email Address Web Address Link
Books are us F10 Bldg F Books New & Used Books, collectibles, hard to find titles

Whole page advertisements no pics (includes enhanced listing): $38.00 annually

Whole page advertisements with Pics (includes enhanced listing): $50.00 annually

*Featured Dealer: $10.00 extra 

*featured dealer displays one month, we can only feature 12 dealers per year, the feature displays are chosen based on a first come first serve basis.  We reserve the right to refuse sales of featured dealer ads if the waiting list is too long.  

We reserve the right to refuse sales of any listings and/or ads at our discretion.  Pricing is subject to change without warning!

ALL Listings and Ads are subject to the following:

Dealer listings and ads are sold on a per year basis.  However, if you discontinue being a dealer at the Shelby County Flea Market, we reserve the right to discontinue any purchased listings and/or ads of any kind without refund.  All purchased  listings and/or ads are non-refundable.  All full page ads and search terms for listings are subject to webmaster input, but only with dealer approval and vice versa. For AD and/or listing changes after Publication please contact webmaster with desired changes, minor changes "may" be free but decided on frequency, major changes will be charged and the fee will be determined per the occurrence, based on the nature and degree of the change.

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